Take you to understand the model of computer printing paper!

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Computer printing paper, also known as needle printing paper. It is a kind of printing paper, which is generally used for dot matrix printers to print receipts, delivery notes, reports, etc. According to the printing color and the number of layers, it is divided into single-layer computer printing paper and multi-layer computer pressure-sensitive paper, and there are also white and color points. We must not only choose high-quality computer paper, but also choose the leading computer paper manufacturer.


What are the specifications of computer printing paper?

1.) Size

The conventional size of computer printing paper is divided into 241mm and 381mm, which is what we usually call 241 series computer printing paper and 381 series computer printing paper.


The Regular Size Also Has the Following Statement:

241 is 80 columns, which means that a line can type 80 characters

381 is 132 columns, which means that a line can type 132 characters

It should be clear that the length of conventional paper is 280mm, and the 241mm and 381mm here refer to the width of computer printing paper.

In fact, in addition to regular sizes, there are many unconventional sizes, such as 120 series computer printing paper commonly used in hospitals, 190 series computer printing paper and so on. All special sizes to Guanhua are customizable.


2.) The Number

The number of joints is what we usually call the number of layers.

For example, four layers of one page of printing paper will enter the printer at the same time when printing. The first layer is in direct contact with the printer, and the next three layers are pressure-sensitive to form the same text as the first layer.

After the printing is completed, the four layers are disassembled and handed over to different departments. The principle is the same as that of invoices, receipts, and inbound/outbound documents.

At present, the most commonly used specifications on the market are: one (layer), two (layer), three (layer), four (layer), five (layer), six (layer).


3.) Trisection


The so-called equal division, literally understood, means to divide the same thing evenly, and it is the same in computer printing paper. A few equal parts means that a piece of standard-sized paper is evenly divided into several parts.

For example: one-part (whole sheet), two-part (one piece of paper divided into two parts), three-part (one piece of paper divided into three parts).


4.) Tear the Edge

The “tear edge” we often say refers to whether there is a dotted line at the punched holes on the longer sides of the computer printing paper, which can be torn apart. Here, it should be noted that it is distinguished from “equal division” and cannot be confused.

If there is a dotted line and can be torn apart, it is a “tear edge”. If there is no dashed line and cannot be dead open, it is “not torn edge”.

In order to better cooperate with printing equipment and facilitate use, conventional computer printing paper on the market is “torn edge” by default. If the customer has special needs, they can also ask the manufacturer to customize the “non-tear edge” printing paper, and quietly tell you that this can be done in Guanhua.


How to name the computer paper model?

In the above, we mentioned three specifications of computer printing paper: number of sheets, size, and equal parts. The name of the computer printing paper model is based on the combination of these three numerical values. as the picture shows:

The model of computer printing paper can be commonly remembered as: size + number of pages + equal parts

For example: (size/width) 241mm; (one unit) 1; (one equal) 1, connect these three values ​​to get the model of computer printing paper: “241-1-1”


Have you learnt that?

If the computer printing paper has low dryness and high-water content, it will reduce the insulation performance of the paper, thereby affecting the printing effect. Not only the bottom ash is large, but also paper jams. Therefore, the storage of computer printing paper must pay attention to moisture-proof, and choose a dry and ventilated place.