A small thermal paper to solve the big problem of nucleic acid detection

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Thermal paper is not afraid of folding or water, and thermal paper uses a special printer, which is very fast. Using thermal paper for nucleic acid detection QR code printing should have a very good effect. We should not only choose high-quality thermal paper, but also choose the leading thermal paper supplier.


Staff who have undergone nucleic acid testing know that in testing, the printing and distribution of QR codes is a very tedious and complex task. In a nucleic acid test in a certain place, a piece of A4 paper was used to print 9 QR codes. After printing, the numbers were first coded, then cut out, sorted in order, and finally distributed to everyone. The work was very slow. Moreover, when the nucleic acid test came the next day, many of the QR codes in everyone’s hands were folded or soaked in sweat and became blurred, making it impossible to scan the code. In this case, a second printing was required. The QR code seriously affects the progress of nucleic acid detection.


Everyone who is an e-commerce company knows that the express delivery needs to be printed on thermal paper, so why can’t the QR code be printed directly on thermal paper? One by one QR codes can be automatically sorted after printing, and there is no need to cut and number them, which can greatly save time and energy. So, before the nucleic acid test in a certain place, someone took the initiative to recommend that the day before the nucleic acid test, use his printer and the only 2,000 thermal papers left to print QR codes for everyone. The next day of nucleic acid testing, it rained for a day, but the QR code in everyone’s hands, whether it is folded or drenched in rain, can still be scanned and entered by wiping water, and the speed of nucleic acid testing has also improved a lot. . A small thermal paper to solve the big problem of nucleic acid detection.


As a result, the method of printing two-dimensional codes with thermal paper was quickly recognized by the government and promoted in many places.