Applications and advantages of holographic labels and thermal labels

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Holographic labels and thermal labels are two common label materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, and plays an important role in different application scenarios. In this article, we will introduce the application of these two labels and their advantages to help you understand them better.

1.Holographic label
Holographic label is a label that achieves special visual effects through optical imaging effects, which can improve the anti-counterfeiting performance, aesthetics and value of products. Holographic labels are usually produced by color printing or embossed printing, combined with holographic pattern design, can make the label have a unique gloss and dynamic effect, thereby enhancing the brand image and increasing the added value of the product.

Application scenario:
a. High-end product packaging: Holographic labels are suitable for the packaging of high-end cosmetics, alcohol, jewelry and other high-end products.
b. Safety and anti-counterfeiting: Holographic labels can be designed with multiple layers of complexity, which can effectively prevent the appearance of counterfeit and inferior products.
c. Art collection: Holographic labels can also be used for collection and identification of works of art, souvenirs, etc.

a. Good anti-counterfeiting: The design of the holographic label can be very complicated, with high anti-counterfeiting.
b. Rich colors: The printing effect of holographic labels is very vivid and colorful, which can improve the aesthetics and value of products.
c. Enhance brand image: The unique visual effect of holographic labels can create a distinctive image for the brand.

2.Thermal label
Thermal label is a label material that prints text and graphics through heat conduction, and is usually used in barcode printing, label printing and other fields. Thermal labels can be printed on demand and require no additional consumables, so the cost is relatively low.

Application scenario:
a. Logistics and distribution: Thermal labels are suitable for cargo identification, classification, tracking and other aspects in the logistics and distribution industry.
b. Healthcare: Thermal labels can be used for label printing and management on products such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
c. Food and beverage: Thermal labels are also widely used to print information such as production date, shelf life, and batch number on food and beverage packaging.

a. Low cost: Thermal labels do not require additional consumables, and can be printed directly by applying heat to the print head, so the cost is relatively low.
b. Easy to operate: The operation of the thermal label is very simple, just feed the label into the printer to complete the printing.
c. Good printing effect: The printing quality of thermal labels is very high, which can meet your various label printing needs and make your products more outstanding.

In conclusion, holographic labels and thermal labels each have unique application scenarios and advantages. If you need custom labels, we can provide customized design and printing according to your needs, welcome to consult