Color-changing thermal labels intelligently identify food

2022-12-30 Hits: 82 views

Recently, the self-adhesive printing industry has launched a new color-changing thermal label, which can intelligently identify food and can be used as part of its temperature monitoring solution portfolio. It has made great breakthroughs in materials and functions. The following is a small Crown will take you to know about this smart color-changing thermal label.

The Do Not Refreeze label is designed to maintain the quality and safety of fresh food throughout the commercial food supply chain and ecosystem. Single-use labels are approved for indirect contact and can be affixed to fresh food packaging during production or before it is stored in a commercial refrigerator.

It originally featured light blue text indicating that the product had not been frozen. After freezing at -15°C, the text on the label automatically and permanently reads “Do not refreeze” in dark blue. The technology is designed to allow food handlers to quickly identify temperature-sensitive products when handling large quantities of packaging.

New concepts of active and smart packaging solutions

With the continuous improvement of consumers’ food safety awareness, food labels have become the focus of their attention. Through the label, we can know the relevant information of the food.

When buying food, we often rely on the expiry date on the food packaging to grasp the freshness of the food. However, in recent years, a new food packaging and labeling technology is being developed. Smart thermal labels can be used under different temperature and gas changes in the packaging. It shows different color changes, and it is also a reference indicator of food freshness. Consumers only need to pay attention to the color of the label to know the freshness of the food!

The biggest advantage of intelligent color-changing thermal labels is that, compared with the standard date marking, intelligent color-changing thermal labels help to control the freshness of food in a more scientific way. If smart labels can be used as a scientific basis for whether food