Common Problems and Solutions of Dot Matrix Printers and Laser Printers

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This article introduces some problems that may occur in the daily use of dot matrix printers and laser printers, and attaches corresponding solutions.


Dot matrix printer

Problem 1: The printer “creaks”, “squeaks” an alarm, and cannot print online

Turn off the power, wipe the shaft clean with soft paper, and then drip sewing machine oil, move the print head repeatedly to wash out all the dirt, and finally drip oil on the clean shaft, move the print head by hand to make it evenly distributed, It can work normally when it is turned on.


Problem 2: The printed characters are short of horizontal, or the chassis is conductive

It is caused by the wear of the flat data cable of the print head of the printer, and the flat data cable can be replaced.


Problem 3: Broken Needle of Print Head

Run the broken needle detection program, if the number of broken needles is large, it is necessary to manually replace the broken needles.


Laser Printer


Problem 1: The printer outputs blank paper

Disconnect the power of the printer, take out the toner cartridge, open the notch on the box cover, make a mark on the non-photosensitive part of the photosensitive drum, and then re-install it in the printer. Start up and run for a while, and then take out the check mark to see if it moves, you can judge whether the photosensitive drum is working normally.


Problem 2: The printed handwriting is too light

Take out the toner cartridge and shake it gently. If the printing effect does not improve, you should replace the toner cartridge or adjust a set of photosensitive switches under the toner cartridge of the printer to match the photosensitive sensitivity of the toner. We are the leading thermal paper manufacturer.