Daily office: How to calculate the cost of printing is reasonable?

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With the advent of the digital age, coupled with the promotion of the epidemic, the digitization of teaching and work has begun to accelerate, and printers have become just needed in many families. So, the cost of printing has become a problem that everyone thinks about, so is the printing cost of a few cents really true? From the point of view of printing cost, how to calculate the printing cost is reasonable?


Here, the editor will first say that there are basically problems with the officially announced printing cost. You can refer to it but don’t believe it completely. These printing costs are basically obtained by directly dividing the “maximum” number of printable pages by the price of ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and toner cartridges. This has hidden two major problems, the first is the price of printing paper, and the second is the content of printing.


The price of printing paper is related to your choice. You can refer to large-scale e-commerce flagship stores, medium-brand 70g A4 paper, and the price is generally above 70 yuan/pack (500 sheets). What’s more unreliable is the print content. The black and white ISO/IEC 19752, ink cartridge ISO/IEC 24711, and color laser ISO/IEC 19798 used by the industry standard are probably as shown in the figure below, which is similar to the print content commonly used by many small partners. Compared to, doesn’t it seem emptier?


Then, here comes the point, don’t forget the price of the printer itself. Generally, it is not a problem to use the printer for 10 years. Even if it is not damaged or repaired during this period, the cost of electricity is not considered, and its price is evenly distributed to each page. How much is it? Taking the average daily average of about one page in the family as an example, that is 3650 pages. Based on the more common low-cost printing solutions, the price of the ink tank printer is about 1,000 yuan, and the cost per page is nearly 2 yuan. Are you surprised?


Then, let’s calculate the printing cost of 6 cents mentioned above. The paper content is calculated by 1.3 times of the test standard page. Considering that it is a laser printer, we will increase the average number of printed pages per day to 2 pages. cheaper printing paper. The actual printing cost is (0.06×1.3) +(1899/3650/2) +(70/500), and the final printing cost is 0.478 yuan/page, which is only half the price of common printing shops.


Obviously, for printers with low cost of consumables, such as replaceable ink cartridges and ink tank type inkjet, the price of the body/total printing volume accounts for the bulk of the cost. If you want to save printing costs, you need to be careful when choosing a model. For example, printing 10 pages per minute or 50 pages per minute really doesn’t make much difference for home use, and the lower the price, the better. Conversely, if the print volume is very small, you can consider that the cost of ink cartridges is mainly on consumables, and the model with a very cheap body may have a lower total cost per page.