Difference between thermal paper and ordinary printing paper

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There is a big difference between thermal paper and ordinary printing paper. The thermal paper has a coating on its surface, which makes the possibility of paper fragmentation very low, thus saving time and cost, greatly protecting the print head, and extending the life of the printer. In addition to this situation, the words printed with thermal paper are also very clear. The surface of thermal paper is smooth and smooth, which can make printing more smooth and improve the overall printing efficiency of the cash register.

The printing of thermal paper does not need carbon tape, but only needs to change the printer to thermal mode, and the place where the thermal print head touches the thermal paper will automatically become black.

As early as the 1930s, people developed thermal recording technology. The heat-sensitive paper used at that time was called wax paper, which was coated with two layers on the carrier. The bottom layer was carbon black layer, and the surface layer was opaque paraffin layer. After heating, the opaque paraffin layer becomes translucent, and the black quilt is exposed, so that the image and text can be recorded. The future thermal recording system can be divided into two categories: one is the physical thermal recording paper that uses heat to make the physical color of colored pigment achieve the recording effect; The other is chemical heat recording paper, which uses the chemical reaction under the action of heat to achieve the purpose of color development. Among them, thermal paper developed by chemical method is mainly used.

Thermal paper detection
Purpose: used as the communication carrier of text and graphics on the fax machine, that is, as fax paper; Used as recording materials in medical and instrument systems, such as ECG drawings and thermal instrument recording paper. Printing paper for Internet terminals; In commercial activities, it is used to make trademarks, POS, etc. Supermarket cashier accounts for the largest proportion.
Hazard: BPA in heat-sensitive paper is an estrogen that can enter the body through the skin, interfere with and destroy the endocrine system, and is carcinogenic. However, the content of BPA in thermal paper is very low, and it is not harmful even after cleaning. Moreover, with the development of technology, BPA-free thermal paper is also popular.
Detection range: thermal paper, color thermal paper, thermal paper receipt, etc.
Test items: BPA, concentration, performance test, quality test, friction test, etc.
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