Do not throw away supermarket shopping receipts

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Shopping in the supermarket is a habit of many people. It is convenient and fast, and you can also choose your favorite products. In general, regular supermarkets will show shopping receipts after payment, and most people habitually throw them away. The editor hereby reminds everyone that it is best not to throw away the supermarket shopping receipt. Many people pick it up and rely on it to make money, so tell the people around you quickly. We are the leading thermal paper manufacturer.


Why do you say it’s best not to throw it away? In fact, some elderly people at the entrance of many large supermarkets are waiting to pick up the receipts thrown away by others, and even go to the trash can to find them. There are many articles here.


1.) Invoice

The first feature is the ability to issue invoices. In fact, some mall invoices need to be exchanged with a receipt. After you receive the receipt, you can use the receipt to redeem the invoice.

If some companies do not support receipts for reimbursement, you can also use receipts for invoice exchange at this time. Is it a loss to throw it away?


2.) Free parking

When we were shopping, we parked our car in this parking lot, and we had to charge a certain fee. But we can park for free for 2 hours or more if we can provide receipts for purchases. Some supermarkets also stipulate that free parking is available with shopping receipts.

When picking up the car, we will give the shopping receipt to the relevant personnel in the parking lot, which can offset our parking fee.


3.) Consumer rights protection

Sometimes it is necessary to negotiate a return due to product quality or other issues, and your shopping receipt will come in handy at this time. However, if your shopping receipt is thrown away inadvertently, the supermarket will not be able to find your information and will not be able to return it smoothly. At this point, the trouble is big.

A netizen said: “I went to the supermarket to buy bed linen, and then I thought of returning it when I got home. When I got to the supermarket, people had to take out a shopping receipt to check the information. At this time, I found that I didn’t know where to throw the receipt. , the supermarket also refused to accept the bill. In the end, I can only admit that I am unlucky!” It can be seen that it is better to keep the receipt!


4.) Get Points

Nowadays, in order to promote consumption, supermarkets and shopping malls can exchange consumer receipts for certain points or commodities, and there are discounts for long-term consumption. Some merchants exchange receipts for commodities and exchange commodities for cash, which would be wasted if not exchanged.


5.) Check the Bill

The receipt list is the best proof when we find something wrong with a purchased item and need to return it. When we encounter shopping disputes, we cannot do without receipts, and it is illegal to sell invoices. In order not to embarrass yourself and others, it is best to keep the receipt list in a safe place, and then destroy it after confirming that it is useless.

Nevertheless, some merchants frequently make a fuss about shopping receipts in order to evade corresponding after-sales responsibilities and taxes, and some people borrow shopping receipts to make profits, such as using other people’s shopping receipts to avoid tax, which is almost uncommon.


The editor hereby recommends that you keep your shopping receipts, and beware of small problems and others seeking personal gain from them.