Do you know the difference between thermal and thermal transfer printers?

2022-04-25 Hits: 96 views

Thermal printers and thermal transfer printers are the more common types of label printers on the market. Although they look similar, there are still differences in essence. After the general user designs the label in the barcode generation software, it will be printed by connecting to the printer. Today, I use barcode generation software to introduce the difference between thermal and thermal transfer printers:


1.) Consumables Thermal paper used by different thermal machines (such as price tags printed in supermarkets) is characterized by low cost and average printing effect. The consumables used in thermal transfer printing are self-adhesive label paper, washing water labels, hang tags, etc., the printing effect is more beautiful, and the consumables are more widely used.


2.) Different printing methods. Thermal printers print on the principle that the preheating of the coating on the thermal paper will produce a chemical reaction and change color. Taking advantage of this property of thermal coatings, thermal printing technology has emerged. Thermal transfer printers attach toner to various types of label paper by heating the ribbon. Consumables such as label paper and ribbon are required. It has the characteristics of more exquisite printing effect, wide application of consumables, high temperature resistance, washing resistance and long-term storage.


3.) The shelf life of labels is different, and the storage time of the media printed by thermal machines is not long, generally half a year. The thermal transfer printed media has a long storage time, generally more than two years.


4.) The scope of application is different. The scope of application of the thermal machine: logistics, retail and other enterprises that do not require high barcodes. business, etc. The above is an introduction to the difference between thermal and thermal transfer printers. Both the barcode generation software and the printer preferences can customize the printing method according to your own needs. To learn more about barcode generation software and printer-related settings, you can go to the barcode software website to find the corresponding video and text tutorials.