Do you know the new label printing technology?

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Label Printing Industry

Judging from the situation and development trend of new technologies used in label printing internationally, smart labels (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID), in-mold labels (In-MouldLabel), heat-shrinkable film labels (Heat-ShrinkLabel), digital label printing technology (DigitalLabelPrinting) four technologies have sprung up.

Xiaoguan brings you the sharing and introduction of smart labels and digital label printing technology today, hoping to be helpful to you.

1.) Smart Tags

With people’s higher and more complete information needs for the production, storage and transportation, quality assurance, anti-counterfeiting, management and many other aspects of commodities, the traditional barcode labels are obviously not enough. With the advancement of science and technology and its application in the field of label making, a brand-new, multi-functional smart label with good anti-counterfeiting effect has begun to be widely used, which will bring new vitality to the label printing industry.

Smart labels are also called radio frequency identification labels. They are high-tech products in the field of labels. They have played an important role in product packaging and will gradually replace traditional product labels and barcodes. Smart label is a rookie in the field of labels. It has functions beyond traditional labels and is the crystallization of high-tech labels such as electronics and computers. Compared with traditional identification methods, smart tags (RFID radio frequency identification) are widely used in production, logistics, transportation, medicine, anti-counterfeiting, identity verification, etc. industry.

2.) Digital Labels

The domestic daily chemical industry, such as Procter & Gamble and other big suppliers has switched from direct wire mesh to self-adhesive and shrink film labels in the past few years, which has made the daily chemical industry labels grow exponentially, but with business and stability, this growth speed will not continue, but another logistics field that has not been noticed by everyone is quietly developing. In foreign countries, thermal paper and printing paper are very simple in circulation and promotion, but sometimes the requirements for product tracking involve variable Code or anti-counterfeiting requirements will also involve query codes, and labels that require secondary printing, and even direct variable personalized printing, are directly related to digital technology.

As far as my country is concerned, it is not common to use the above-mentioned new label printing technologies, especially the smart label and digital label printing technology.

This is mainly because my country’s label market is still in the development stage. Due to the particularity of the Chinese market, the label field is still in a state of “heavy at both ends and light in the middle”. That is to say, low-grade labels occupy a large number of consumer markets, such as: food market and part of the daily chemical market. The high-quality, high-profit label market is still in its infancy. For example, plastic film substrates for self-adhesive labels and in-mold labels are widely used, covering daily chemicals, home appliances, toys, batteries, oil products, tires, automobiles industry and other fields.

It is understood that the current consumption of labels in China is only 50 million square meters, which is lower than 10% of the entire self-adhesive market share and far lower than 30% in developed countries. In addition, it also shows that it has a large space for development and a broad potential market. We must seize the opportunity and meet the challenge. The application and development of new label printing technology will be promising.