How can self-adhesive labels last longer?

2022-04-27 Hits: 269 views

As we all know, self-adhesive labels are now widely used in retail, food and drug, cosmetics, electronic products, manufacturing and other industries. In some industries, the lack of labels will often affect production and sales. Therefore, many companies tend to prepare a large number of non-stickers. Adhesive labels or self-adhesive printing paper to meet any need. Not only do we need to choose high quality self-adhesive printing paper, we also need to choose the right self-adhesive printing paper manufacturer. However, the storage time of self-adhesive labels is limited. If the storage time is too long, the adhesive will fail, and it will become dry and lose its viscosity. Unreasonable storage methods will speed up the process. How to store self-adhesive labels? Zhuhai Jiabo believes that the storage of self-adhesive labels should pay attention to the following points:


1.) Self-adhesive stickers prevent direct sunlight, moisture-proof, sunscreen, high temperature, and ultra-low temperature.

2.) After the printed labels are packaged, they should be layered on top of each other, and should not be too heavy to prevent glue from penetrating and sticking.

3.) It can be stored for one year at 23±2℃ and RH65±5% relative humidity, and some glues can reach two years.

4.) The self-adhesive stickers should be packed and sealed with moisture-proof paper or film, the rolls should be stacked upright, the sheets should be stored flat, and the height of each board should not exceed 1m, and the goods should be more than 10cm off the ground (wooden board).

5.) The label should have an outer packaging. It is recommended that the plastic film be sealed and packaged. After each use, it should be sealed and packaged again, which can also provide better storage conditions for the label.