How to choose engineering copy paper

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When it comes to copy paper, everyone will not feel unfamiliar, engineering copy paper may not be used in our daily office. It is also a type of copy paper, and it also has many specifications and models like ordinary paper we use on weekdays. Engineering copy paper manufacturers can manufacture copy paper according to customer requirements.The quality of the paper version will basically affect the speed of work and the aesthetics of writing , the same is true for engineering paper. So how can we choose better quality engineering paper? Below, the editor will discuss with you how to choose and buy engineering copy paper.

Engineering copy paper is mainly used for copying and writing in engineering, so its specifications and models should be the same as that of ordinary paper. It divided into Multi-layer computer paper and printed computer paper.Therefore, what are the basic principles of its selection of paper?

First, the product quality of copy paper

The paper used as engineering copy paper can be any color. If you want to ensure the clarity and smoothness of the paper, it is necessary to cleanly cut and use the copy paper. You may find that the cutting of a lot of paper is not accurate, so it can be shown that it is actually a relatively cheap paper, and it is likely to be different from the millimeters marked on the package, so it is more appropriate to make further selections according to these qualities. material.

Second, the net weight of copy paper

Many people find that when printing or copying, the copy paper has to use a path, so it is difficult for copy paper that is too light or too heavy to enter the printer. And paper that is too light or too heavy is not very suitable for many types of printers, and can also cause paper jams and other conditions.

Third, the condition of the copy paper

We know from basic common sense that the paper surface of copy paper must be clean and smooth. There is no way to get in with water soaked paper or through a series of curled sheets. Paper soaked in water is generally a poor product and difficult to print. On many printers today, there is a good chance that these sheets will not display properly. In addition, all the papers we apply will be slightly curled, this is because the papers in the project are stored in a lot of relatively large rolls before application, which will naturally form a certain tilt Therefore, we can print the paper face up when the printer is using engineering copy paper, which can reduce some unnecessary accidents.