How to choose thermal paper when printing Ttp-244 label machine?

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Thermal and thermal transfer printing are two different printing methods. Label making software can be used when designing and making labels, but some customers have no problem when making and previewing. We should not only choose high quality thermal paper, but also choose the right thermal paper manufacturer. There are some misconceptions about making software. Here I will explain to you why this happens.

Different printers support different types of paper. Some printers support both thermal and thermal transfer label paper, and some printers only support thermal or thermal transfer. It is recommended that you buy what kind of label paper the printer supports. If your printer supports both methods, after making the label in the label making software, you need to set the printing method according to your label paper. The specific operations are as follows:


1.) Open the label making software, and make the labels you want in the label making software according to your needs. Here, the labels of defective products are listed. For specific operations, please refer to: How to Make Book Labels in Label Making Software.


After the label is set, connect to the Ttp-244 label machine for printing. If your printer supports both label papers, you can set which paper mode. If your printer only supports thermal, how to set Woolen cloth? The specific operations are as follows:

Click the “Start” menu in the small left corner, and select “Devices and Printers” to pop up the printer and fax interface. On the printer, “right-click – Printer Preferences” to pop up the Printer Preferences interface. You can see that there are five properties in the printing preferences. The paper size can be customized in Page Setup.

In “Roll”, you can set the way and type of paper. If our printer supports thermal paper, set the paper to “thermal” in the paper setting mode, otherwise, set thermal transfer.

After setting, in roll-type, this is the type of label paper, such as: label with spacing (set label height), label with mark, continue, use current printer settings, etc., all can be customized according to your needs. Defined to be set.

The above is the operation steps for setting thermal transfer and thermal transfer in Ttp-244 label machine. If your label preview is normal and cannot be printed out, you can check whether your printer and label paper type are the same, if not. In this case, it is recommended that you buy the corresponding label paper of what brand your printer is.