How To Connect The Needle Printer To The Computer To Print The Delivery Note?

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The needle printer usually prints the delivery note in two or three copies. The delivery note can be designed and printed in EXCEL form, but EXCEL needs to write its own formula. If you want to be smart and useful, you can design the delivery note system. In this way, you can print two, three, four, five copies and A4 paper.

You can print the delivery list form through EXCEL. The operation steps are as follows:
1. First, create a delivery information table, so that you can enter the delivery information.
2. Set the Excel or Word form template according to the appearance of the delivery note to be printed, and replace the field name where real data needs to be filled in.
3. In the current data location, click once, and the data can be filled in the specified field location in the template to generate a delivery order with real data.

How do I set up a needle printer to print delivery notes?
1. Select the control panel –>Open the printer and fax –>Open the server settings –>Create a new format paper (the standard size of the express bill is 210 * 127 mm (including the margin), but the size of some express bills is different, please use a ruler to measure the actual size settings.)
2. Click File Server Properties
3. Please measure the actual size setting with a ruler. If it is a network printer, you must define the paper on the computer where the printer is located
4. After adding a new paper, you need to add this paper type to the printer. Right click the printer – Properties – Print Preferences – Advanced. Set the paper specification to the newly created express bill. Save
5. Put in the delivery note and it can be printed.

How does the stylus printer print a delivery note?
You have to select a needle printer when you print tax invoices and shipping orders, and you can only select a needle printer. The principle of the stylus printer is a little similar to that of the previous typewriter, where the needle strikes the ribbon to leave a mark on the paper. It is precisely because the needle has a sense of pressure on the paper, similar to our handwriting, that we can meet the requirements for multiple copies of invoices. Like OKI’s stylus printer, the copy ability can reach 1+6, and the last copy can also be very clear. Their products have a good reputation, low failure rate, and stability and reliability are necessary for finance.
This is a template printing method, and there are many ways to achieve it. You can also use EXCEL. As long as you match the content in EXCEL, the position of the box just printed on your paper will do. However, EXCEL is troublesome in data statistics. You can only use the format design function of the sales delivery order system. After the template print format is designed and saved, it will look like that. In addition, more than 30 built-in formats are available.
Generally, the needle printer does not need to be set. After the delivery note format is set, the corresponding size of paper is put in and printed directly. This is how we use the delivery note printing software.
There is a good print format in the software, and a direct printer is good.
The software also automatically processes the statement. One click reconciliation is very convenient.