How to distinguish the pros and cons of thermal paper?

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The pros and cons of thermal paper should be judged according to its use, generally from the following aspects:


1.) Appearance: Good thermal paper has no impurities on the outside, good smoothness, no obvious rough feeling when touched by hand, and uniform paper quality through light transmission;

2.) Color rendering: high color rendering density and clear handwriting are one of the most important properties of thermal paper.

3.) Preservation: The preservation of inferior thermal paper is very short, the handwriting of good thermal paper is generally more than 2 to 3 years, and the preservation performance of special thermal paper is more than 10 years. It is not bad that the color remains clear after 1 day of exposure to the sun.

4.) Protective performance: Some uses such as labels and bills require good protective performance, and can be tested by applying water, oil, hand cream, etc. on thermal paper.

5.) Print head adaptability: poor-quality thermal paper has great wear on the print head and is easy to stick to the print head. You can see it by checking the print head.

6.) Environmental performance: If there is a need for environmental protection, it is necessary to detect heavy metals, bisphenol A, and fluorescent whitening agents. The fluorescent whitening agent can be seen only by checking whether there is fluorescence under the money detector. Others require professional testing.


The easiest way to distinguish thermal paper is to draw a little force on the material paper with your fingernail, and the black line is thermal paper.