How to store thermal cash register paper in humid environment?

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1.) What is thermal cash register paper?

Thermal cash register paper is a roll-type printing paper made of thermal paper as raw material and simply processed. Also known as: roll thermal cash register paper and thermal printing paper. Thermal cash register paper is mainly used for thermal printers in cash register systems. Thermal cash register paper has the characteristics of uniform color, good smoothness, high whiteness and long shelf life. In use, no printing supplies, ribbons, ribbons or ink cartridges are required. Therefore, in the cash register system, thermal cash register paper tends to replace ordinary cash register paper. We are the leading Register Paper Thermal Paper manufacturer.


Now thermal registration paper has been widely used in supermarkets, hotels, banks, telecommunications, medical and other industries.


2.) How to store the cashier paper better?

In daily work, many companies, shops, etc. A lot of cash register paper will be stored, but it is easy to get wet in the rainy season, so in the work of moisture-proof maintenance, Xiao D needs you to pay attention to the following points:

①When the air humidity is lower than 50%, the paper storage place should be kept ventilated and dry; when the air humidity is greater than 50%, the storage place should be kept dry and avoid ventilation.

②The bottom layer of the paper must be cardboard, more than 5CM above the ground, wrap it with protective film, and cover the top with cardboard.

③After taking the paper, be sure to wrap it with plastic wrap and cover it with cardboard. For paper that is not in use, or that takes hours to print after cutting, be sure to wrap it in plastic wrap and stamp it with cardboard.

④ When the air humidity is too high, sprinkle some desiccant around the paper.

⑤ When drying in winter, in order to prevent static electricity or paper drying, sprinkle water around the paper.

⑥For paper that has been damp, it needs to be stored separately (usually 15-30 days, because the moisture in the wet part of the paper will be evenly absorbed and released during this process, so as to achieve uniform moisture). Keep the paper flat, cover it with cardboard to avoid warping, and wrap a protective film around it. Especially in the south, warehouses must pay attention to this problem.


3.) General Specifications

57×30, 57×40, 57×50, 80×50, 80×60, 80×80.