Introduce Some Common Uses of Cashier Receipts

2022-04-18 Hits: 112 views

After everyone goes to the supermarket to buy things, they will receive a receipt from the cashier. Did you throw these receipts into the trash can?


In fact, our shopping receipts have a lot of uses, but many people don’t know it. The editor also heard from the cashiers in the shopping malls and supermarkets. What is the use of the cashier receipts? If you want to know, let’s take a look with Xiaobian!


First Use

If we usually go to the supermarket to buy a lot of things, the cashier is likely to miscalculate the quantity or price of our products, and sometimes they will overcharge. If we keep the shopping receipt in good condition, we can take it to the supermarket He has returned the extra money to us so that we can ensure that our interests are not lost.


Second Use

If we go to the supermarket with friends to buy things, sometimes our friends will pay for us. When we settle the money later, we don’t know the original price of the goods, so we can take out the shopping receipt and look at it, so that we can tell our friends Pay him back.


Third Use

We sometimes purchase things for the company. The company usually needs to reimburse the company for purchasing things. At this time, we can save the shopping receipt and use it to invoice the company for reimbursement. If there is no shopping receipt, the supermarket will not be able to exchange the invoice for us. Without the receipt, we cannot ask the company for reimbursement, so we must keep the shopping receipt.


Fourth Use

Many supermarkets will hold some activities. After shopping, you can draw a lottery or receive gifts. Then we can save these shopping receipts and use them to receive small gifts and lottery.


Fifth Use

There are shopping receipts for some large supermarkets, and you can also park for two hours or more for free, so after we buy things from the supermarket, we must not lose the shopping receipts, and sometimes it can save us a lot. Oh money.


Sixth Use

We have a lot of expenses every month in our family. Sometimes we don’t know where these expenses go. We can collect the bills from these supermarkets and check them, so that we can know the amount of each fund. expenditure.


The above are the six uses of the shopping receipt that I share with you. I wonder if you understand it?


I also want to remind everyone here that if you don’t want to keep the shopping receipt, you should also remember to tear it up and throw it into the trash or bake it with a lighter. The information on it can be thrown away, because we are all electronic payment now. More, there will be our payment information on it.