Is copy paper as white as possible

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Although electronic documents are becoming more and more common, formal occasions such as document delivery and certificate processing are still inseparable from copy paper. Therefore, the quality of paper is very important.

Good copy paper can not only have excellent printing quality and long-lasting ink retention time, but also can effectively avoid paper jams and static electricity, reduce damage to copiers and printers, and prolong the service life of the machines.

1. How is copy paper made?
Before discussing how to correctly purchase copy paper, we need to understand how copy paper is produced. Here, We will briefly review the life of copy paper:

The first step: evolution – pulping, turning wood into pulp;

The second step: incubation-modulation, the pulp is processed physically and chemically to make thin paper stock. This step directly affects the final strength, tone, and shelf life of the paper.

The third step: Birth – copying, interweaving and dehydrating the thin paper materials, and finally cutting them into shaped paper.

2. How to choose copy paper?
Since copy paper is so important in daily life, how should we choose copy paper? What kind of copy paper is the best?

Most people may answer: the whiter the better.

But is that really the case?

According to regulations, the color of copy paper should be divided into two categories: bleached and natural white. However, due to people’s misunderstandings about the whiteness of paper and the deviation of consumption concepts (that is, the higher the whiteness of copy paper, the better the quality), some manufacturers blindly cater to the preferences of consumer groups and produce high-brightness copy paper. Paper. In fact, the national standard requires the whiteness of copy paper to be below 95°, and the whiter the copy paper, the better.

The advantage of high whiteness is that the contrast is large, and the text is more eye-catching, but reading for a long time will cause eye discomfort, which is likely to cause certain harm to people’s vision, and there is a risk of blindness if used for a long time. In addition, some paper-making enterprises increase the whiteness by adding a large amount of fluorescent whitening agents in production, which not only pollutes the environment, but also causes diseases due to the additional fluorescent whitening agents.

Shopping skills
The printing effect of special white copy paper is beautiful and clear, and it is recommended to use it for printing external texts.

The printing effect of this white copy paper is not only practical but also protects the eyes. It is recommended to use it for internal communication and information transmission.