Is it a problem of thermal paper if the cash register cannot print out the receipt?

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Cash registers play a very important role in supermarkets. If the cash register goes on strike, the entire supermarket will not work properly. However, in daily life, do you often encounter the situation that the cash register cannot print out the receipt when checking out? As a thermal paper manufacturer, it might be troublesome for me to chat with you today.


Generally speaking, there are two reasons why the cash register cannot print out a receipt. One is the problem of thermal paper and the other is the problem of the cash register. Let’s discuss both!


What’s wrong with thermal paper?


General printing does not develop color.


how to solve this problem?


First, confirm whether the thermal paper you purchased is a special thermal paper.


Judgment method: If you scratch the paper with a fingernail or a sharp object, there will be black marks, as if written on white paper with a pencil. If there is a mark, it means that thermal paper can be selected, otherwise try to replace the thermal paper.


You can’t print the details because the rollers aren’t pressing on the thermal paper when the cash register works. The normal entry and exit of thermal paper does not necessarily mean that the pressure of the cash register roller is normal. Disassemble the cash register and check whether the photosensitive drum is pressed on the thermal paper when the cash register is working. If the print head can’t touch the thermal paper, it won’t help when it heats up, so no handwriting can be printed.


Both of these situations are related to printing paper, so how does the cash register affect the printing of thermal paper?


In fact, the key lies in the type of cash register. If the cash register is in the form of ribbon, you need to check whether the ribbon can be conveyed normally when the cash register is working. If not, try to replace it with a new one.


Many times customers complain to us that thermal paper is not easy to use, and it is not misplaced. The paper will also touch the print head, but will not develop color. We usually advise customers to check or replace the cash register ribbon, and then try to print, generally without problems.


When you have problems that cannot be solved in the printing process of thermal paper, you are welcome to call Guanwei manufacturers. As a thermal paper manufacturer, we can not only solve the problem of thermal paper for you, but also help you solve all the problems related to thermal paper. Guanwei thermal paper insists on service first and customer first, and has won the reputation of customers. We will continue to adhere to the company philosophy and serve you better.