Reasons why thermal label paper cannot be printed

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With the development of society, our life is not only more colorful and convenient, but also many jobs are becoming more and more automated and humanized, and many products are also simplified. The same is true for barcode label paper. In order to be convenient and reduce costs, it is necessary to use self-adhesive labels and carbon ribbons in the printing process to use the printing pattern. Now the label paper can print the required content, which is very convenient and meets our different needs. Work. This kind of label paper is thermal label paper, so why does thermal paper sometimes fail to print text, barcodes and patterns? Let’s take a closer look at thermal label paper.
How thermal label paper printing works

The working principle of thermal label paper printing is that a semiconductor heating element is installed on the print head. After the print head is heated and contacts the thermal printing paper, the desired pattern can be printed. The principle is similar to that of a thermal fax machine. The image is created by heating, which produces a chemical reaction in the film. This chemical reaction is carried out at a certain temperature. High temperatures accelerate this chemical reaction. When the temperature is lower than 60°C, the paper takes a considerable time, even several years, to become dark; when the temperature is 200°C, this reaction will be completed within a few microseconds.

The thermal printer selectively heats the thermal paper at certain locations, thereby producing corresponding graphics. Heating is provided by a small electronic heater on the printhead that is in contact with the heat-sensitive material. The heaters are logically controlled by the printer in the form of square dots or strips. When driven, a graphic corresponding to the heating element is generated on the thermal paper. The same logic that controls the heating element also controls the paper feed, allowing graphics to be printed on the entire label or paper.

Causes and solutions of thermal label paper not printing text patterns

1. Determine whether the purchased thermal paper is a special thermal machine printing paper. Judgment method: scratch the paper with a fingernail or a sharp object, and black marks will appear, as if written with a pencil and slipped on the white paper , if there are traces, it means that the thermal paper can be purchased, otherwise try to change the thermal paper.

2. If the thermal paper enters and exits normally, the pressure of the printer roller may not be normal. Disassemble it to check whether the roller is pressed against the thermal paper surface when the printer is working. Otherwise, the print head cannot contact the thermal paper, and no matter how hot it is, it will not help.

3. If the thermal printer is in the form of ribbon, it is necessary to check whether the ribbon can be transferred normally when the printer is working. If not, try another method.

4. If the possibility of the above three reasons is ruled out, it is very likely that the print head of the thermal printer is broken and cannot print. It is recommended to replace it with a new one.

Thermal label paper printer cleaning and maintenance is the key
When the thermal printer has been used for a period of time, when one of the following conditions occurs in the printer: the printing is not clear, the longitudinal column of the printed page is not clear, and the paper feeding noise is loud, the print head should be cleaned:

1. Turn off the power of the printer, open the top cover, and remove the paper if there is paper;

2. If you just finished printing, you should wait for the print head to cool down completely;

3. Use a soft cotton cloth dipped in absolute ethanol (should be wrung out) to wipe off the dust and stains on the surface of the print head;

4.After the absolute ethanol evaporates completely, close the cover and try printing again.