Review the Development Trend of Thermal Paper Industry from 2021 to 2022

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Time flies and it’s a new year in a blink of an eye. Looking back on 2021, under the leadership of the leaders of Guanhua Paper Industry with the cooperation of all employees. In accordance with the work ideas, goals and tasks of organizations at all levels, based on their own duties, work hard, strive for good results, and actively carry out work, the company is better Completed the assigned target tasks and achieved excellent results in each quarterly labor competition.

After going through the ups and downs of the paper industry in the past, paper products people must work together, as one, not to compromise with malicious price increases, and not to maliciously compete with friends. Guanhua will also play a greater role in integrating resources, rationally utilizing industry advantages, and building an indestructible team belonging to paper product owners, so as to open up a more stable and better path for paper product owners. We are the leading producer of thermal paper product industry.

Guanhua said that in the past 2021, the paper industry faced signs of deterioration in the supply of raw materials. In the process of coping with the sluggish demand and striving for an equal dialogue with the upstream. Guanhua has played an active role, and has also given the majority of paper products people a sense of belonging. Guanhua believes that in the face of the current downturn in the entire industry, don’t be discouraged, but go against the current. Give full play to your own advantages and flexibly compete with industry giants.

Happy times always pass quickly, and although the togetherness is short-lived, the friendship lasts forever. With good wishes and vision for 2021, we welcome the new year of 2022. Review the industry hotspots in 2021, look forward to the industry trends in 2022, and witness this wonderful moment together.

This survey report is written by Beijing Luojun Industry Research Institute based on market survey data, industry statistics, interview results of domestic and foreign companies, research institute technological progress, professional journals in the industry, and Junlue Research Institute industry database (JL-Data) and other information and data. As a reference for professionals working in the international thermal paper industry, I believe this survey report can help you formulate your business strategy.

Through this report, we can clearly grasp the panoramic development of the international thermal paper industry in 2022. With the wide application of thermal paper in retail, finance, clothing, freight logistics, diagnosis and treatment and other industries, the international sales market of thermal paper and printing paper has developed steadily, especially financial terminals, diagnosis and treatment, portrait printing, etc. Demand keeps increasing.


In the next few years, the international thermal paper sales market will continue to maintain rapid growth, mainly due to the following aspects:

1.) Thermal paper has a rich international demand.

2.) With the improvement of financial terminals, the way of family credit card transactions has been cultivated.

3.) The improvement of per capita consumption power has greatly promoted the development of the retail industry in shopping malls, supermarkets, and

The market demand for thermal paper self-adhesive stickers and thermal paper cash register paper has been greatly promoted.

4.) With the development of the social economy, the market demand for various office supplies including label printers has gradually increased, and the corresponding thermal paper market share will also develop rapidly in the next few years.


The advantages of thermal paper depend on:

1.) 100% pure wood pulp, clear printing, smooth coloring, symmetrical thermistor coating.

2.) With a thermal protection layer, it can be stored for a long time before use without fading.

3.) There are various specifications and models, including thermal paper, cash register paper, restaurant paper, shopping mall paper, etc. Different customer requirements can be considered.

4.) The machine is stable, no paper card, no missing orders.