Science popularization of computer printing paper knowledge

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Since many users can’t understand the specifications of computer printing paper, they often buy it by mistake. It’s troublesome to return or replace the goods, but it also delays the work. Today, I will give you a scientific introduction to the basic knowledge of computer printing paper, so that you can understand what is called several pieces of paper and several equal pieces of paper.

Computer printing paper bisection

The computer printing paper can be divided into: whole sheet, bisection and trisection.
The whole sheet (279mm * 241mm) has 22 holes on one side of the paper.

Divide the whole sheet into two equal parts (139.5mm * 241mm), with a dotted line in the middle and 11 holes on one side of the paper.

Divide the whole sheet into three equal parts (93mm * 241mm), with two dotted lines in the middle and seven holes or eight incomplete holes on one side of the paper.

Tear edge and non tear edge of computer printing paper
Tearing edge (there is a pressed dotted line on the edge of the small hole)

After printing, you can tear off the edge with holes along the dotted line.
Do not tear off the edge (there is no dotted line beside the hole, and the edge with the hole cannot be torn off)

Copies of computer printing paper
The concatenation refers to the number of layers, and the concatenation refers to the number of layers. There are 5 layers in 5, 4 layers in 4, 3 layers in 3… and so on.

Copies of computer printing paper

Number of copies=number of pages ÷ number of copies x equal fraction
For example, 1000 pages/box of computer printing paper.

Quintuple bisection
1000 pages ÷ 5 copies x2 equal parts=400 copies

Quadruple bisection
1000 pages ÷ 4 copies x2 equal parts=500 copies

Triplet bisection
1000 pages ÷ 3 copies x2 equal parts=666 copies

Do you understand? If you have any questions, please contact us.
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