Solutions to the Problem of Record Keeping in Thermal Paper Printing

2022-04-26 Hits: 233 views

Option One:

Save the printed thermal paper record and copy, because the thermal paper will fade or disappear over time. There is no time limit for saving after copying.


Option Two:

Roll the thermal paper with the recording and printing face inward to form a roll, wrap the outer layer with ordinary paper (fill in the label), and then pack it in a Ziplock bag for storage. Since the ink marks printed on thermal paper are easily oxidized in the air and the color becomes lighter until they disappear, the use of inner curling, outer paper layer and self-sealing bag can effectively slow down the oxidation. According to my current thermal paper printing effect and preservation effect, it is still Very feasible, the earliest record of thermal paper usage was in August 2015 and it is still as clear as ever. We should not only choose high quality thermal paper, but also choose the right thermal paper supplier.