• 29/05/2023
    What are the quality standards of dot matrix computer printing paper

    With the continuous development of computer technology, printing technology is also improving. Among the many printing methods, computer dot matrix printing paper is popular because of its low price, high reliability, and wide application range. However, when choosing dot matrix printing paper for computers, you need to pay attention to its quality standards to ensure… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/what-are-the-quality-standards-of-dot-matrix-computer-printing-paper/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">What are the quality standards of dot matrix computer printing paper</span></a>

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  • 27/10/2022
    Which envelope is better, kraft paper or double offset paper

    Many people wander between kraft paper and double-adhesive paper when printing envelopes. Many people even think that there is not much difference between the two, but Xiaoguan found out after learning about these two kinds of paper in detail. There are essential differences. We will combine various aspects to explain which envelope is better for… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/which-envelope-is-better-kraft-paper-or-double-offset-paper/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">Which envelope is better, kraft paper or double offset paper</span></a>

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  • 27/04/2022
    How can self-adhesive labels last longer?

    As we all know, self-adhesive labels are now widely used in retail, food and drug, cosmetics, electronic products, manufacturing and other industries. In some industries, the lack of labels will often affect production and sales. Therefore, many companies tend to prepare a large number of non-stickers. Adhesive labels or self-adhesive printing paper to meet any… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/how-can-self-adhesive-labels-last-longer/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">How can self-adhesive labels last longer?</span></a>

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  • 23/04/2022
    Printing Knowledge: Operation Methods and Skills of Wide-Format Inkjet Printers

    The wide-format inkjet printer is not only a fine mechanical device, but also a complex electronic device, which is equivalent to a mechanical plotter and a high-end computer. There are precision print heads in its internal structure, so it is necessary to avoid mechanical collisions and vibrations, as well as dust in the air. Complex… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/printing-knowledge-operation-methods-and-skills-of-wide-format-inkjet-printers/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">Printing Knowledge: Operation Methods and Skills of Wide-Format Inkjet Printers</span></a>

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  • 21/04/2022
    What is the difference between 70g and 80g computer printing paper?

    When we print materials at work, the most used paper is computer printing paper. However, I believe that many friends do not know that computer printing paper is also divided into many types, including 70g computer printing paper and 80g computer printing paper. So, what is the difference between 70g and 80g of computer printing… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/what-is-the-difference-between-70g-and-80g-computer-printing-paper/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">What is the difference between 70g and 80g computer printing paper?</span></a>

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  • 25/01/2022
    Do you know the new label printing technology?

    Label Printing Industry Judging from the situation and development trend of new technologies used in label printing internationally, smart labels (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID), in-mold labels (In-MouldLabel), heat-shrinkable film labels (Heat-ShrinkLabel), digital label printing technology (DigitalLabelPrinting) four technologies have sprung up. Xiaoguan brings you the sharing and introduction of smart labels and digital label printing… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/do-you-know-the-new-label-printing-technology/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">Do you know the new label printing technology?</span></a>

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  • 10/09/2021
    The principle of thermal paper

    Thermal paper is also called thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper, thermal copy paper, and thermal copy paper in Taiwan. Thermal paper is a kind of processed paper, and its manufacturing principle is to coat a layer of “heat-sensitive paint” (heat-sensitive color change layer) on high-quality base paper. Although there are more than a dozen… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/the-principle-of-thermal-paper/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">The principle of thermal paper</span></a>

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