Take you to a deep understanding of the difference between thermal paper and coated paper

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Thermal paper and coated paper are two commonly used types of paper. I think it goes without saying that everyone knows that there must be differences in the materials between the two. The difference between coated paper, come and see it together!


1.) Different Storage Time

The storage time of coated paper self-adhesive labels is a little longer than that of thermal paper self-adhesive labels, so what kind of self-adhesive labels to buy needs to be determined according to the storage time of the products you paste.


2.) Different Temperature Effects

Coated paper self-adhesive labels are less affected by temperature, but thermal paper self-adhesive labels are greatly affected by temperature. Therefore, if the self-adhesive labels attached to the product surface are greatly affected by temperature, the thermal paper printing factory generally recommends choosing a copper plate. Paper stickers.


3.) Different Printing

Coated paper needs to be printed with carbon ribbon, thermal paper does not need to be printed with carbon ribbon, and can be directly installed in barcode printers for printing.


4.) Different Prices

Thermal paper is more expensive and can be customized according to customer needs. If there is a sample, it can be directly printed according to the sample. The most important thing is that the quotation is not about how much it is, but based on the printing volume. The more quantity, the better the price.