Take you to quickly understand the thermal cash register paper industry

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Thermal cash register paper is also called roll thermal cash register paper and thermal printing paper. Thermal cash register paper has the advantages of uniform color development, good smoothness, high whiteness, and long shelf life. It does not require printing consumables, carbon ribbons, ribbons or ink cartridges during use. Refers to the paper roll in the cash register used to record cash register details, mainly used to provide customers with a shopping list, which can be replaced after use.


Takeaway catering cash register paper


Thermal cash register paper is widely used in supermarket POS terminal system, hotel catering system, banking system, telecommunication system, medical system and other fields.


1.) Color development of thermal cash register paper

The production principle of thermal cash register paper is to coat the ordinary paper base with granular powder, which is composed of leuco dyes, phenols or other acidic substances, with a thin film in the middle. Under heated conditions, the film melts and the powder mixes for a color reaction. When the thermal paper is heated, the leuco dye reacts with the developer to produce color, so when the thermal paper is used to receive signals and print on a fax machine or directly on a thermal printer, graphics and text are displayed.


2.) Cashier paper purchasing skills

Cash register paper is a special printing paper for thermal printers, and its quality directly affects the printing quality and storage time, and even affects the service life of the printer. Generally, the cash register paper is divided into three layers, the bottom layer is the paper base, the second layer is the heat-sensitive coating, and the third layer is the protective layer. The heat-sensitive coating or protective layer mainly affects its quality. If the coating of thermal cash register paper is not uniform, the printed color will be different.


First, observe the appearance of the paper. High-quality thermal cash register paper, symmetrical hair color, relatively good gloss, high whiteness, slightly green. If the paper is particularly white, the protective coating and thermal coating on the paper are not up to standard, and the paper is rough or looks asymmetrical.


Secondly, it can be baked with fire, and the fire can be used to heat the reverse side of the printing paper. If the color on the paper is brown, the thermal formula is not up to standard and the shelf life may be shortened. If the black portion of the paper has fine streaks or uneven patches of color, the coating is asymmetrical.


3.) Storage method of cashier paper

Keep the cash register paper in a dry place, away from sunlight and light as much as possible. The irradiation of light will generate heat, which will affect the color rendering of the thermal cash register paper. The storage place should pay attention to the temperature and humidity to prevent the cash register paper from getting damp.


For some unopened or half-opened cash register paper, more attention should be paid to the preservation process. Buy a whole box of cash register paper with moisture-proof bags. When not in use, it should be sealed with a moisture-proof bag to keep it away from extremes of temperature and humidity and to avoid prolonged exposure to light.


The above is a brief introduction to the thermal cash register paper, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you need to purchase thermal cash register paper and are looking for a suitable thermal cash register paper manufacturer, you might as well take a look at Suzhou Guanhua.