What are the causes of carbon deposits and sticky paper on thermal paper?

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With the wide application of thermal paper in many fields, in order to meet various applications, the formulation and coating of thermal paper are also varied, such as increasing the color performance, in order to improve the coating effect of colorants and thermal base paper It will bring various problems. The main problems of thermal paper are carbon deposition and sticky paper.


What are thermal paper carbon deposits and sticky paper?


1.) Carbon deposition (SLUDGE)

During the printing process of the thermal printer, due to the poor absorption of the color of the thermal paper, the thermal paper leaves the hot body to cool and solidify, resulting in the accumulation of hair color on the print head, most of which are taken away by the thermal paper, and a small part sticks to the thermal printer. On the head (TPH), carbon deposits.



Thermal printers under certain conditions such as low temperature or high humidity, the printing heating body has insufficient heat storage or cooling speed is too fast, the thermal paper melt is cooled and adhered, and printing occurs adhesion or printing compression, accompanied by large noise, collectively referred to as sticky paper.


Carbon deposits and sticky paper cause great harm to thermal print heads.


The generation of carbon deposits not only affects normal printing, but also affects its heat dissipation. Long-term high temperature will cause impact damage to the print head, and some carbon deposits will fall inside the printer, affecting normal transmission and requiring regular cleaning.


The generation of sticky paper can affect the initial printing and high-yield printing parts of some printers. When sticky paper is produced, it will be accompanied by loud noise, sticking, compression or white or black stripes, which will seriously affect normal printing and even damage the print head. The sticky paper is generated in the position of high printing rate, resulting in unrecognized characters.


Causes of carbon deposits and sticky paper on thermal paper

Twelve different thermal papers were selected for analysis and testing in various thermal papers in China. Through comparative analysis, the influencing factors and improvement directions of carbon deposition and sticky paper are clarified. During the printing process, influencing factors include ambient temperature and humidity, characteristics of the print head, energy, pressure, position, print sample, paper formulation and process.


Influence factors of thermal paper carbon deposition and sticky paper:


(1) Factors affecting carbon deposition related to thermal paper

Carbon deposition is closely related to the organic and inorganic components, proportions and coating process of primer and heat-sensitive layer.


(2) Factors affecting sticky paper related to thermal paper

The heat-sensitive layer and top coat of thermal paper have a great influence on the sticky paper, mainly because the temperature resistance of the organic components contained in the top coat and the inorganic components in the heat-sensitive layer, such as lubricants, are used improperly. will cause sticky paper. If you need to purchase thermal paper and are looking for a suitable thermal paper manufacturer, you might as well take a look at Suzhou Guanhua.