What are the characteristics of double triple single computer printing paper?

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Paper is our stage, color and text are our tools, and design and printing are our soul! Is there a kind of paper that can be written once and used several times for copying? In this way, we are talking about computer printing paper. We must be no strangers to it. Whether it is a receipt, an IOU, a delivery note, a delivery note, etc., such a copy is often customized by the enterprise store, and the company information is customized on the copy. It is what the enterprise needs, the printing is clear, the copying is convenient, and the trouble of copying is solved. We are the leading computer printing paper supplier.


To put it simply, computer printing paper printing refers to printing more than two or so pieces of printing paper with carbon paper or carbonless paper, and the printing of copies is used to assist relevant parties to obtain certificates and conduct inspections. Generally speaking, customized forms can be divided into two forms, three forms, four forms, etc. According to the different market needs of consumers, different forms are selected. The filling information of the forms can be completed with carbon paper or carbonless paper, such as Invoices, invoices, special invoices, contracts, etc. In order to ensure the data integrity and consistency of each link.


When customizing computer printing paper, pay attention to whether the paper is very smooth and easy to drop powder. The strength of the paper determines whether it is easy to drop powder. If it is found that the computer printing paper is particularly prone to powder drop, it can be said that the quality is not very good, and the smoothness of the paper will also affect the quality of the computer printing paper.


Customized computer printing paper can generally be stored for about five years; computer printing paper can generally be divided into two, three, four, five or even six pages; each computer printing paper has a total of 100 pages, that is to say, two pages, each There are 50 copies of the book; there are only 30 copies of 90 sheets of paper for triple copies; there are only 25 copies for quadruplets, and only 20 copies for five copies. To put it bluntly, we usually have 100 sheets of paper.