What is a thermal label Is it different from self-adhesive labels

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In the last part, we talked about “thermal self-adhesive label paper”, people often come into contact with self-adhesive label paper in life. So, what is thermal self-adhesive label paper?

Thermal self-adhesive label paper is actually a kind of self-adhesive label paper. Now that we are here, let’s introduce the types of commonly used self-adhesive label paper.

1. Thermal sticker paper (recommended)

Thermal self-adhesive label paper is made of thermal paper.

Thermal paper is a paper material treated with a high heat-sensitive coating, and the surface material can use a low-voltage print head, so the wear on the print head is small. Thermal paper is a kind of thermal paper specially used in electronic scales and cash registers. The simple way to test thermal paper is to scratch the paper with your fingernail, leaving a black scratch.

2. Coated paper self-adhesive label paper

Coated paper printing needs to be printed with the same carbon ribbon, and cannot be printed with a thermal printer! It is also a general-purpose label paper, often used for information labels of medicines, food, wine, beverages, etc.

3. Water-soluble paper self-adhesive label paper

This is an environmentally friendly label paper. Both the glue and the tissue paper are made of starch, which can quickly melt into the water.

There are many more self-adhesive labels, such as: removable labels, synthetic labels, thermal synthetic labels, etc.

Today is the general introduction of the thermal self-adhesive label paper to share with you. If you need to buy custom self-adhesive label paper, you can contact us.