What is food label

2023-02-09 Hits: 75 views

As an important channel to transmit food-related information to consumers, food labels, which should reflect the intrinsic quality of food truthfully, comprehensively and clearly, have become the false claims of some unscrupulous businesses. Some unscrupulous merchants not only label the content that is not consistent with the real property of the product, but also exaggerate and misrepresent the product function.

In recent years, with the convenience of international logistics and the development of international trade, a large number of imported foods have flooded into our lives. Before entering the Chinese consumer market, imported food not only needs to pass the inspection of the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution in accordance with the laws and administrative regulations on the inspection of import and export commodities, but also needs to be labeled in Chinese.

However, because consumers do not read the food label carefully or lack label knowledge, they are easily confused by the outer packaging, name and slogan of the food. Sometimes, the goods are wrong. Spend money, but can’t buy the products you want.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand the food label. The words, graphics, symbols and all descriptions on the food package belong to the content of the food label, including the food name, ingredient list, manufacturer name, production address, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, product implementation standard number, nutrition ingredient list, nutrition claim, etc.

Food labeling is a form of conveying information to consumers and displaying the characteristics and performance of food.