What is PET sticker?

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PET sticker is an environmentally friendly synthetic paper sticker. The application scenarios are very diverse. As far as we know about sticker related knowledge, most of them have their presence. The following editor will take you Understand PET stickers.


PET sticker: PET is the English abbreviation for polyester film. PET is a polymer material. PET stickers have good hardness and brittleness, can withstand a certain high temperature, can resist harsh environments, and are resistant to corrosion by chemicals such as acids and alkalis. They are especially suitable for outdoor labels and have high quality requirements. Common ones are dumb silver sticker, dumb white PET sticker, bright silver sticker, color changing PET sticker, transparent PET sticker, transparent PET sticker and so on.

Among various types of shrink films, PET has the largest shrinkage rate (up to 80%). Therefore, PET materials are often used as label materials for bottles with complex geometric shapes. The temperature-shrinkage change of PET is relatively flat. PET film occupies a large market share in shrink labels, about 15% to 20%, and is currently increasing at a relatively high rate. However, a few years ago, due to the high cost of raw materials and excessive shrinkage tension, it was also restricted in use.

At present, the price of PET shrink film label is moving closer to the price of PVC. As a packaging company, materials are usually selected by considering factors such as the functional requirements of heat shrinkable labels, the cost of film materials, product storage costs, product processing technology and packaging technology. Although the PET material is very thin, its strength is very high, and the surface coating is conducive to the adhesion of ink, but it needs UV light to cure during the printing process. The gao-effect adhesive is suitable for various surfaces and is used for product identification after processing and printing.

Characteristics of PET Self-Adhesive Label:

Waterproof, oil-resistant, not easy to tear, high temperature resistance; suitable for: electronics, home appliances, automobiles, chemical industries and other industries.

In view of the many excellent properties of PET stickers, it is widely used in various industries, such as: product labels that require high performance such as waterproof, oil and chemical products, high temperature resistance, etc., used in toilet products, cosmetics, jewelry, and Kind of electrical appliances, mechanical products, etc.

The common materials of silver PET self-adhesive labels are divided into the following three types:

1.) Guangyin PET stickers: a little brighter than general PET materials.

2.) Dumb silver PET stickers: darker than general PET materials.

3.) Brushed silver PET sticker: There are regular stripes on the surface of the material.

If you add the characteristics of the self-adhesive glue and the material of the bottom paper of the self-adhesive label, the silver PET self-adhesive label can continue to be subdivided.