What is the difference between label paper and cash register paper made of thermal paper?

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In fact, the difference between the label paper made of thermal paper and the cash register paper is that the label paper is a self-adhesive material made of thermal paper, while the cash register paper is made of thermal paper. Commonly used cash register paper specifications are 57mm*30mm, 57mm*40mm, 57mm*50mm, 80mm*50mm, 80mm*60mm, 80mm*80mm. We are the leading thermal label manufacturer.


In addition to cash register paper, there are other commonly used label paper, so what is the difference between them?


1.) It is processed and manufactured by thermal paper, and the surface is coated with a layer of chemical-sensitive coating. The paper is printed by a thermal printer to generate heat. Features: No printing consumables, no ribbon, no ink, and the surface are smooth, which has a good protective effect on the printer!


2.) Thermal paper is a kind of thermal printing paper specially used in electronic weighing and cash registers. The easiest way to test thermal paper: swipe your fingernail across the paper, leaving a black spot. This product is suitable for cold storage, freezer and other shelves, most of the dimensions are 40mmX60mm standard.


3.) Thermal paper is a kind of printing paper specially used for thermal printers and thermal fax machines. Its quality directly affects its printing quality, storage time, and even affects the life of printers and fax machines.


4.) The specifications of thermal label paper are generally determined according to the needs of use, in millimeters (mm), and the general label specifications are 32*19, 40*30, 53*30, 60*65, 80*50, 100*70, the minimum width is generally not less than 15mm, basically the maximum width is not more than 100mm, special specifications also need to be customized, general ordinary specifications can meet the needs of daily use.