What is the matter with thermal printing paper

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Why do businesses use thermal printing paper

What is thermal paper? Why are most businesses happy to use thermal paper printers?

Ordinary thermal paper is widely used for cashier receipts

With the widespread use of cash register systems, cash register receipts, cash registers and cash registers are essential! Thermal paper is a special coated paper that looks similar to ordinary white paper.

Thermal paper has a smooth surface. When the thermal paper is heated, the leuco dye reacts with the developer to produce color, and when the business uses a thermal printer to print, it displays images and characters.

Since there are many varieties of leuco dyes, the color of the handwriting is different, including blue, purple, black and so on. That is to say, thermal paper is a kind of special coated processed paper that gives heat on the surface of the paper to change the physical or chemical properties of the material developer to obtain an image.

Due to the development of electronic communication, thermal paper is not only popular in personal households in the form of fax paper, but also in commercial, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, airports and other fields. more and more.

Thermal label printing paper is an ordinary thermal paper that has been extended to the label field in recent years, and has developed rapidly. Merchants usually use thermal paper for labels and receipts. It is a combination of thermal paper and self-adhesive labels. Coated with self-adhesive on the back of thermal and paper and laminated to release paper for labels to be printed. More used in supermarkets, tea shops, clothing labels and other industries. Thermal label printing paper is more applied to label printers. When purchasing label printers, it is necessary to distinguish between carbon ribbon printing, thermal printing, or dual-mode printing, that is, both thermal printing and ribbon printing!

Most businesses that use cash register systems have thermal printers as standard. The advantage of thermal printers is that the cost of consumables is low, and no corresponding consumables such as carbon ribbons and grinding powder are required, which greatly reduces the cost of use for the subsequent use of the business, so it is favored by the business! The ticket machine is divided into U port, serial port and network port according to the different interfaces, as well as Bluetooth connection! And some small ticket machines have voice function!