What kind of label glue should be used for self-adhesive labels

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When using self-adhesive labels, the choice of glue is very important. It directly determines the stickiness of the self-adhesive labels. If the choice is wrong, the light ones will warp and overflow, and the heavy ones will fall off completely without stickiness, and even damage the items. Therefore, before ordering self-adhesive labels, customers must understand their own application requirements, so that they can make targeted choices, but many people do not know what glue should be used with the self-adhesive labels currently used. Let’s take a look at it together.

one. The choice of durability and removability of self-adhesive label paper: In terms of the performance of adhesives, they can be divided into two categories: permanent adhesives and removable adhesives. (Durability is generally used in electronic machinery, such as electronic labels, typical: mobile phone battery labels, removability is generally used in food, personal care, etc., such as: wet tissue labels, fruit labels, labels on clothes, etc. ) and other products that need to be removed.

two. Self-adhesive label paper is attached to the surface: because the label processed with self-adhesive material may be labeled on the surface of various materials, such as glass, metal, cardboard and plastic. And plastic can be further divided into: polyvinyl chloride, high-density polyethylene. Tests have shown that different label surfaces have the greatest impact on performance, and we must pay attention to the material of the label surface when choosing.

three. The surface structure of the self-adhesive label paper label substrate: Intuitively speaking, a rough label surface requires a glue with a stronger viscosity; otherwise, a glue with a weaker viscosity can be selected.

Four. The surface shape of the self-adhesive label paper label substrate: the surface of the label substrate can be divided into flat and curved surfaces. If the surface of the label has a certain curvature (for example, the surface of a medicine bottle with a diameter of less than three centimeters), facial paper may be required Glue with good fit or strong viscosity. It is also necessary to use materials with better flexibility and stretch resistance, such as PVC. The flat surface of the object is suitable for a wider range of labeling materials. If the surface of the object is uneven, the material will be much smaller than the selection surface.

five. Cleanliness of the label surface of self-adhesive label paper: self-adhesive materials are most suitable for labeling substrates with clean, dry surfaces, no oil and dust. (When any labeling, it is necessary to keep the surface of the object to be pasted dry, free of oil and dust, so as to achieve the best labeling effect, if the surface is not clean, it will first affect the stickiness of the self-adhesive label paper)

six. Adverse effects of plasticization of self-adhesive label paper on glue: Labeling conditions – the viscosity of self-adhesive labels needs to be pasted under cold, hot, humid or room temperature conditions. Use environment-whether the self-adhesive label is exposed to an environment below freezing point, whether it is used outdoors, under high temperature, humidity or light containing ultraviolet rays, and whether it is close to a car engine with a high temperature, these conditions should arouse our attention .