What should you pay attention to when purchasing needle-type printing paper?

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Needle-type printing paper belongs to printing paper, and the scope of use is relatively small. Because its particularity is not as wide as the general A4 printing paper, the needle type printing paper is mainly used for the printing of warehouse out-of-warehouse and sales receipts. It is also used more in shopping malls, so what should be paid attention to when using this kind of needle-type printing paper?


①When printing multi-layer computer paper, select the normal print file. If there is no special need, it is best not to use high-speed printing, which can ensure that the printed handwriting is clearer.


②When printing, you must pay attention to the position when placing the needle type printing paper to see if it is aligned and parallel to the tractor. After the paper is loaded into the tractor, it should be flattened immediately. Only when the edge of the first paper is flat, the entire computer can print normally and smoothly.


③ There are also positive and negative points for needle type printing paper. In order to ensure the quality of printing, be sure to use the front side of the printing paper to print. The method of judging the front and back of single-layer computer printing paper, the front is smooth and the folding line and tearing edge will be concave.


④When tearing off the printed computer paper, it is best to fold it along the tearing line first, or use the tear-off paper on the printer. When tearing, pay attention to the force evenly, if the tear is not good, the paper will jam.


Need to pay attention to the above problems when printing with needle type paper. Different types of printing paper use different methods and precautions. Some problems should also be paid attention to when using photo printing paper. If you need to purchase Computer Paper and are looking for a suitable Computer Paper manufacturer, you might as well take a look at Suzhou Guanhua.