What you should know about thermal paper

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When we receive our meal, the merchant will provide a note with information about the meal order details and price. Many people hurriedly finished their lunch and threw them in the trash together with their lunch packaging. For this kind of things that we often see but rarely care about, there is actually a lot of hidden knowledge. Today, we will talk about some issues that everyone is very concerned about with this simple note.

What the hell are these order papers?

The scientific name of these order papers is thermal paper. The common sizes in daily life are generally 57 mm and 80 mm wide. The 57 mm wide is generally used in mobile POS machines or supermarket cashiers, and the 80 mm wide is used in catering, etc. Order print. The thickness of paper is the same as that of A4 paper. It is also expressed in grams per square meter. There are many commonly used thicknesses, such as 55g/㎡, 65g/㎡ and so on.

Is thermal paper very common in life?

In fact, these papers are not only used in take-out orders, but also the shopping receipts printed when we go to the supermarket to buy things, the electronic single-face paper attached to the express packaging, and the withdrawal receipts printed on the bank ATM machine to withdraw money are all thermal paper. The front of these papers is a bit smoother than the back, which is also a way of distinguishing the front and back. In addition, some supermarkets will directly print some preferential information on the back, this type of thermal paper is relatively thick.

How does thermal paper display text?

Thermal paper is divided into three layers according to the different chemical properties of each layer of paper. The bottom layer is the paper base, which is prepared for the attachment of heat-sensitive substances after a certain surface treatment is performed on the ordinary paper. The second layer is the thermal coating. This layer is a collection of various chemical substances, which develop color after being heated.

The third layer is the protective layer, which is used to protect the characters or patterns from being damaged by the outside world. The thermosensitive layer is mainly composed of three chemical components, leuco dye, color developer, and adhesive. At normal room temperature, these three components do not chemically react, but when the thermal paper encounters the hot print head, the leuco dye will chemically react with the developer, and then the color we see will appear. text and other information.

These text information will appear in black, blue, purple and other colors according to the colorless dyes selected. This is why we may receive receipts with different font colors on different occasions.

Is long-term exposure to thermal paper harmful to people?

The color development of thermal paper is by coating some chemical raw materials such as bisphenol A and other substances on the upper layer, and there is still a certain amount of damage in long-term contact. If we want to reduce the harm of thermal paper to the body, we must choose products from regular manufacturers. In addition, you need to learn to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper. We are top 5 thermal paper manufacturer & supplier.

First of all, we can judge the quality of thermal paper by observation. The substrate layer of good thermal paper is produced from virgin wood pulp, and the thermal layer and protective layer are combined very evenly, so the appearance surface coating Smooth, the surface is slightly greenish. Paper with too white color is generally added with too much bleach, and there will be a lot of debris on the cut edge of the thermal paper with too much bleach added.

In addition, we can use the method of fire baking to test the quality of the thermal paper. Bake the back of the paper with a flame, and the color-developing coating of the thermal paper will be heated and turn black. At this time, a good thermal paper, due to The heated center and heated edges of the paper are heated differently, so the darkening becomes lighter and lighter from the center to the periphery. The most important thing is to see from the actual print quality, good thermal paper, clear text. Poor thermal paper, the text part is easy to be missing and difficult to read.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper?

Advantages: The thermal printer matched with thermal paper does not need to use color-developing materials such as carbon ribbons. Therefore, after the printing paper is used up, it is only necessary to replace the thermal paper, which is very convenient to operate.

Disadvantages: Since the text and other information on the thermal paper are generated by chemical reactions, and these chemical substances are generally not very stable, the printed text will become weaker and lighter with the extension of the storage time. . If the printed content is very important, it is not enough to want to keep it for a long time.

How to tell if it is thermal paper?

The identification of thermal paper can be done by swiping on it with a fingernail. If the area where the fingernail slides becomes black, it means that the paper is thermal paper. In addition, you can use a lighter flame to quickly pass, and its front will quickly turn black.