Why are thermal electronic face sheets more popular?

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Carbonless paper used to be one of the most widely used paper products, widely used in various occupations, such as taxation, postal services, silver occupations and commerce. In recent years, with the promotion of electronic invoices, the number of invoice coupons has decreased, and logistics companies, express waybills have been increasingly replaced by thermal electronic bills, etc. The carbon-free paper market has continued to shrink, and thermal paper The market rose steadily.
Up to now, the coverage rate of thermal electronic receipts has reached more than 80%. For what reason can the thermal electronic face bill replace the carbonless copy paper express waybill? In addition to low cost, fast printing speed, low noise and low error rate, the most important factor is that the thermal surface sheet can be more integrated into the requirements of digital electronic and automated work.
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In express e-commerce packaging, thermal paper is not only used for express electronic face sheets, but also widely used in receipt and delivery lists, detailed lists, shopping receipts, etc., such as logistics two-layer self-adhesive labels, Because of the low cost, time and effort, it has partially replaced all kinds of carbon-free paper documents such as computer printing paper, receipt and delivery list receipts, and road bills.
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In the cross-border e-commerce and air transportation professions, it is because of the importance of lightweight packaging. The two-layer thermal electronic face sheet has partially replaced the three-layer electronic face sheet.
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Thermal paper is used more and more widely in logistics companies, but the price of thermal base paper continues to rise due to the increasingly strict environmental protection policy. Today, the entire profession is increasingly focusing on cost control and processing, and how to offset heat sensitivity when reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Anxiety about soaring paper prices? It must be considered at this stage.