Why does the ribbon have a peculiar smell

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When people use the printer, they often find that the carbon tape has a peculiar smell, and they are worried about whether it is because of the poor quality of the carbon tape, or even whether it will be poisonous and cause certain harm to the body, but in fact, The peculiar smell of the carbon ribbon is nothing more than the following situations. The following Xiaoguan will tell you about it.

Reason 1: Ribbon quality problem

Low-quality carbon ribbons will have peculiar smells. Because they are cheap, the production cost must be much lower than that in the market, so there will be cutting corners or using inferior raw materials. When buying carbon ribbons, buyers should not only look cheap, cost performance is an important reference condition.

Reason 2: Ribbon storage environmental problems

The storage environment of the ribbon will also affect the normal quality of the ribbon, so it is natural to have odors. The storage environment will react with many components in the ribbon, resulting in pungent and unpleasant gas. If this phenomenon occurs, you must pay attention to the storage environment and find an environment suitable for the storage conditions of the ribbon.

Reason 3: The ribbon has been stored for too long

If the carbon ribbon has been stored for a long time, there may also be peculiar smell, which is related to the material and quality of the carbon ribbon itself, so when you buy the carbon ribbon, you must not buy too much at one time, just enough, otherwise put too much For a long time, it will affect the quality of the ribbon, thereby affecting the printing quality, which is more than the gain.

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