Why is the size of computer printing paper so strange?

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Computer paper the most common things in life, even the little dolls in the senior class of kindergarten know that the rectangular white paper is called computer printing paper. What is there to say about something so ordinary? Isn’t it just a blank sheet of paper?

In fact, for most people, the more mundane things are, the easier they are naturally overlooked.


For example:


Have you ever wondered why the size of computer printing paper has to be 210x297mm?

Can’t it be 210x300mm directly? It’s easy to remember…

Why can’t it be square? It’s not easy to stack planes.

Why can’t it be bigger and longer, I still want to use it as a disposable tablecloth.

You may find these questions to be very serious and tricky…


However, not many people came up with the answer, and the answer was not clear in two or three sentences.


Well, then let me try to summarize the content in my own way. I will ignore a lot of details and complex data, and try to convey the information as simply as possible~


Paper, like a screw, was brought into its own system of industrial standards by the Germans in the 1820s, the German Industrial Standard (DIN).


International standard paper has formed three major categories today, and has been given three high-end atmospheric international names, namely A size paper, B size paper, and C size paper.


A-size paper is actually a batch of paper of different sizes. The number carried behind it can be understood as the number of times that they are folded in half, while A4 paper is actually the size of A0 paper that is folded in half for the fourth time, so it is given an academic look. And the straightforward name – A4.


1:1.414 is the most suitable ratio for standardized paper models. In the range from A0 to A6, the area of A0=841x1189mm is exactly 1 square meter. The long side is continuously folded and divided without changing the original ratio. The production process will not cause any paper waste.


There will be errors in the calculation according to the half-fold, which will bring a lot of complex proportion calculation problems, and the use of A-size paper will not bring any calculation problems, it can be avoided to the greatest extent in the tailoring of the factory. Waste, or even no waste at all, is extremely functional.


The biggest advantage of A-size paper is actually its biggest problem. Just like the problems exposed by modern design later, it is rigid, rigid, and has no proper personality. These are also the problems of A-size paper. We are the leading computer printing paper manufacturer.