• 08/12/2022
    What kind of label glue should be used for self-adhesive labels

    When using self-adhesive labels, the choice of glue is very important. It directly determines the stickiness of the self-adhesive labels. If the choice is wrong, the light ones will warp and overflow, and the heavy ones will fall off completely without stickiness, and even damage the items. Therefore, before ordering self-adhesive labels, customers must understand… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/what-kind-of-label-glue-should-be-used-for-self-adhesive-labels/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">What kind of label glue should be used for self-adhesive labels</span></a>

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  • 01/12/2021
    Proofreading method before printing on self-adhesive labels

    The first is to check the content of the label manuscript: the correctness of the manuscript content is the key to whether the product is qualified. If there is a problem, the small one will affect the quality of the product, and the large one will form a waste. Therefore, checking the content of the… <a class="more-link" href="https://blog.inbetter.com/proofreading-method-before-printing-on-self-adhesive-labels/">Continue reading <span class="screen-reader-text">Proofreading method before printing on self-adhesive labels</span></a>

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