What should I do if the thermal thermal receipt printer keeps discharging paper?

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Thermal receipt printer is a kind of printer often used in supermarkets and shopping malls. It mainly provides customers with cashier receipts. However, the thermal receipt printer often has various failures, such as continuous paper output. What should we do in this situation? Guanhua paper factory summarized two reasons why the ticket printer has been producing paper:

Thermal paper

1.The thermal receipt printer has printing tasks:
It may be that the power supply of the thermal receipt printer has been turned off or the connection line between the printer and the thermal receipt printer is disconnected. The cashier system issued an instruction, and the thermal receipt printer’s task document accumulates. When the thermal receipt printer is connected, it will automatically execute the unfinished print task in the thermal receipt printer drive document, which seems to be always outputting paper. When the print task is completed, printing will stop. If you don’t want to print, you can first turn off the power of the thermal receipt printer, then click start, control panel, printer and fax, double-click the printer driver, and then click printer to cancel all documents. In this way, you can restart the thermal receipt printer so that paper will not be output all the time.

Thermal paper

2. Ticket printer failure:(https://www.inbetter.com/Thermal-tickets#list
(1) We are considering the problem of the printer driver, the wrong model, or the incompatibility caused by the universal driver. We first determine the printer model, go to the official website or find the original drive CD to install.
(2) For printer interface setting, first determine what interface the printer is. Generally, there are serial port, parallel port and USB port, which is the so-called com, LPT and USB interface. The printer should select the corresponding printer port.
(3) Sometimes the page settings of our printer include editing or header and footer settings, which also have an impact on the length of the printer paper. This can be seen in the browser print settings interface. The settings are as follows:
(4) Let’s consider the ticket printer itself. This can be changed to another computer with a different configuration. If it still doesn’t work, it may be different from the ticket.
(5) The power supply of the computer interface is insufficient, which mostly occurs in the USB interface printer. There are many computer peripheral devices, such as cameras, keyboard and mouse, USB audio and microphone. The power supply of the computer is not large enough.

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