Correct storage and use of self-adhesive labels

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Choose a mold with a special structure for self-adhesive labels. Self-adhesive labels are an interlocking production system. The structural design of injection molding machines, molds, and mold materials, plastic materials, labels, and robots all need to be closely coordinated to complete. Because of this, it is possible to show the technology and integration capabilities of a supplier of self-adhesive label equipment. The high price of the whole set of equipment is justified. At the same time, we should also realize that these factors increase the difficulty and cost of product counterfeiting to a certain extent, thereby providing regular user manufacturers with a reliable means of brand protection.
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In the self-adhesive label, the four aspects of injection molding machine, mold, manipulator and label constitute a complete production system of self-adhesive label. Outstanding compatibility with each other to ensure the smooth completion of the entire process of self-adhesive labels.
The requirements for self-adhesive labels on injection molding machines, molds, robots, and labels are: the injection molding machine used for self-adhesive labels must have high stability, because it is a key factor in controlling the rate of defective products and production efficiency; The requirement is to ensure that the mold cavity can firmly hold the label when the label is adsorbed by static electricity, and the static electricity can be completely eliminated after the adsorption is completed. In addition, when the mold is adsorbing moisture, it must be ensured that it does not rust; the quality of label die-cutting is very important, if the scale is not accurate, it will affect the appearance of the product; the precision of the robot is extremely high, and the label must be able to Position accurately in the mold.
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