Some Common Knowledge of Carbonless Paper

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There are positive and generous specifications, but the paper prices are different for loading paper, medium paper, and off paper.

Explanation: Copying can be done if the front side of the upper paper touches the front or back of the middle paper or the front of the lower paper. Two upper or two lower papers cannot produce a copying effect, because the back of the upper paper is the front and back of the middle paper. , The front side of the lower paper has chemical molecules available for copying on the surface. The front side of the upper paper and the reverse side of the lower paper are not available. If both sides are made of paper with a carbon copy effect, the cost will be very high. Therefore, the upper and lower papers are cheaper, but the medium paper is the most carbon-free paper. Dear!

This kind of paper is not significantly different from ordinary paper in appearance, but it can be used for copying, producing the same effect as blue carbon paper (note: the color of carbonless paper produced in some countries such as Europe, America, South Africa, etc., is black), and Will not stain fingers and clothing, more convenient and sanitary. Since this paper does not use carbon material for copying, it is named (carbonless copying paper), or carbonless paper for short.

When using the receipt printed out of carbonless paper, it is usually equipped with a small piece of cardboard to separate the coupons, so as not to write too much force and cause other coupons to be copied underneath!

Carbonless paper is roughly divided into 5 colors; five colors such as white/red/blue/green/yellow, which play a role in distinguishing the orders!

The name of carbonless paper

White: upper white/medium white/lower white

Red: top red/middle red/bottom red

Blue: upper blue/medium blue/lower blue

Green: upper green/medium green/lower green

Yellow: upper yellow/medium yellow/lower yellow

It is precisely because there are so many kinds of paper that carbonless paper can achieve the effect of multi-copy copying. At present, the finished products of the list made of carbonless paper that I have seen are up to 7 pages: upper white, red, blue, medium and green. Yellow, red and white, as long as the strength is strong enough, every page can be copied!

The thinnest non-carbon paper is 40 grams/square meter, and the thickest is 80 grams/square meter. People usually call it 40g non-carbon paper and 80g non-carbon paper.