The Difference Between Color Laser Paper and Coated Paper

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Color laser paper is our common color laser paper, which is specially used for color laser printer printing and color copying. Coated paper is also called printing coated paper. It is made by coating a layer of white paint on the surface of the base paper. It is processed by super calendering. It is divided into two types: single-sided and double-sided.


The Difference Between Colored Paper and Coated Paper:

Different Uses:

1.) Color laser paper: dedicated to color laser printer printing and color copying.

2.) Coated paper: mainly used for offset printing, gravure fine screen printing, such as advanced picture albums, calendars, illustrations in books and periodicals, etc.



1.) Color laser paper: excellent paper quality, structural parameters up to 120, high whiteness, and good color reproduction. There is no surface bulging and falling off at high temperature, reducing the wear and tear of the equipment. Ultra-high whiteness, with good evenness and smooth surface, to ensure bright and vivid color reproduction. Lines and text strokes are clear and sharp, suitable for making high-quality documents, renderings and tenders.

2.) Coated paper: The paper surface is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness, good gloss, extremely fine particles, high whiteness, and good ink absorption and inking performance. After being calendered by a super calender, the smoothness of the coated paper is generally 600-1000s.

3.) The Raw Materials are Different:

  • Color Laser Paper: The main raw material is wood pulp, and the surface is coated with glue.
  • Coated Paper: with base paper as the paper base, white pigments, adhesives, and other auxiliary materials (such as glossing agents, hardeners, plasticizers, dispersants, wetting agents, opalescent agents, fluorescent whitening agents, toning agents, etc.) Colorants, etc.), are uniformly coated on a coating machine, and are made by drying and super calendering.