What are the common printing paper size

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Needle printer is a traditional printing technology that has been widely used in the past few decades. This printer forms images and texts on printed paper by moving one or more needles in accordance with specific patterns. Needle printers are suitable for many different types of printing tasks, including invoices, receipts, labels, etc.

Needle printers can use different sizes of printing paper to meet the needs in different application scenarios.

This article will introduce different sizes of printing paper.
1. 76mmx70mm (3 inches x2.75 inches)
Printing paper of this size is usually used for accounting machines receiving customer orders in POS (point sales) system. The printing paper of this size is also used for drawing, storage memory, automatic tellers (ATM), and cash machines.

2. 76mmx76mm (3 inches X3 inch)
This kind of common printing paper size. It is usually used to print small labels, product price labels, courier orders, access cards, etc.

3. 76mmx152mm (3 inches X6 -inch)
This is another common size of printing paper. This size of printed paper is usually used to print stamps, courier orders, access cards, etc.

4, 101.6mmx152.4mm (4 -inch X6 -inch)
This is a relatively large printing paper size. This size of printed paper is usually used for printing photos, stickers, access cards, etc.

5, 210mmx297mm (conventional A4 size)
This is a standard A4 paper size, but it can also be used on a needle printer, which is usually used to print invoices, receipts, orders, etc.

6. Other sizes
In addition to the above size, there are many other printing paper size to choose from, such as 80mmx80mm, 76mmx279mm, etc. These sizes are usually suitable for different application scenarios, such as printing tickets, invoices, labels, etc.
It should be noted that different brands and types of needle printers may only support printed paper of specific sizes. Therefore, it is best to check which sizes of paper support before buying printing paper.

In general, printing paper has a variety of sizes to choose from, which can meet various types of printing needs. If you are considering buying printing paper, make sure you choose the correct size to ensure the best printing effect.