What are the commonly used medical adhesive labels in hospitals?

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In recent years, with the increasing awareness of health, the medical industry has also been developing, and the application of medical adhesive labels in the medical industry has become more and more extensive.
Medical sticker materials are generally sticky, tear resistant, waterproof, alcohol resistant and applicable to all medical departments and drugs. They have red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple and other colors, and can be customized for printing as required.


Product characteristics of medical adhesive label
You should know the product characteristics of medical adhesive labels, and choose at ease: human design, health, independent packaging, professional quality, enterprise management.
1. Exquisite packaging: The medical sticker is exquisitely packaged, and each roll is individually packaged.
2. Full range: medical adhesive labels can be customized according to the needs.
3. Safety and health workshop: the workshop shall be disinfected every day, with professional warehouse management personnel.


Introduce three commonly used medical adhesive labels in hospitals:
1. Low temperature label
Because the laboratory has high requirements for the ultra-low temperature storage environment, such as the storage temperature of dry ice is – 80 ℃, and the storage temperature of liquid nitrogen is – 196 ℃, the use of ordinary self-adhesive labels can no longer meet this requirement, and low-temperature resistant self-adhesive labels should be used, so low-temperature labels should be produced at the right time.
2. Multilayer label
Multilayer label refers to the adhesive label with multilayer backing paper or multilayer surface material, which can be divided into multilayer backing paper adhesive label and multilayer surface material adhesive label. The emergence of multi-layer labels has greatly met the needs of laboratories and hospitals.
For example, some hospitals have adopted multi-layer label fault analysis and elimination for clinical medication. Doctors can print the patient’s name, condition and other information on the multi-layer labels, one in front of the hospital bed, and one for filing. In this way, even if the medical staff rotate, they can smoothly understand the patient’s condition and medication.
3. Anti counterfeit label
It is estimated that 10%~20% of the pharmaceutical products supplied worldwide are counterfeit products. In order to put an end to counterfeit medical products, many pharmaceutical manufacturers are adopting the business model of shrinking the supply chain, and show a strong interest in packaging and labeling, especially in anti-counterfeit technology, which also gives birth to the market demand for anti-counterfeit labels.
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