What are the specifications and sizes of ECG paper

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ECG paper, also known as ecg chart paper, hospital ecg paper, ecg graph paper, thermal recording paper sheet, ecg chart medical papers, ECG Medical Paper. ECG paper is often used in hospitals and some medical institutions to detect the patient’s heart rate. Doctors can intuitively understand the patient’s condition by observing ECG drawings. So, what are the specifications and sizes of ECG paper?

Generally, there are two types of ECG paper: z fold ecg paper or ecg paper rolls.

1.z fold ecg paper
Common size: 112mmx90mm ecg thermal paper, 25mm ecg paper, 3 channels ecg paper, 12 lead ecg paper

2.ecg paper rolls
Common size: 50mm ecg paper, 63mm ecg paper, 12channel ecg papers, ecg paper 215mmx20m, ecg paper 80mmx20m

The ECG paper produced by Guanhua is made of pure wood pulp base paper, which enables the ECG drawings to absorb ink evenly. The paper is compact in texture, stable in quality, and coated with multiple layers to make printing clearer. Our logistics adopts double-layer packaging, paper boxes and films, which are waterproof, moisture-proof and scratch resistant, making use of it more assured and transportation safer.

Warm prompt: When placing ECG paper, avoid high temperature environment, direct sunlight, and long-term placement under fluorescent lamp. It should be placed below 70 ℃. If it is placed at a temperature above 70 ℃ for a long time, the product color may change and the actual use may be affected.

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