What is the market status of self-adhesive label printing?

2022-08-24 Hits: 96 views

With the continuous expansion of the self-adhesive label market, more and more customers have demand for self-adhesive label printing. So, what is the current market situation of self-adhesive label printing? Below, the editor will introduce the market status of self-adhesive label printing for you.

The market demand for gao self-adhesive labels is increasing. Since most of the domestic products are hand-labeled, some self-adhesive printing factories use sheet-fed offset printing machines to print self-adhesive materials. Offset presses can print a variety of color prints, thereby improving the quality of label printing. Although other processes are completed by a single machine, the processing volume of self-adhesive labels is increasing. The actual situation is that any unit that can print can print self-adhesive materials. Therefore, the current self-adhesive label printing in my country is the coexistence of roll paper and sheet paper, forming a self-adhesive label printing industry with Chinese characteristics.

In recent years, the market demand for gao-grade self-adhesive labels that can be automatically labeled is increasing. For this reason, some foreign professional self-adhesive label processors with advanced technology and equipment have entered the Chinese printing market one after another. The printing plants have also successively introduced advanced letterpress and flexo label printing equipment. At present, the label products of gao grade are increasing continuously, which can partially meet the needs of domestic foreign-funded enterprises and large state-owned enterprises, but there is still a certain potential market.

The above has introduced the market status of self-adhesive label printing, and I believe you have already understood it. If you have any questions about self-adhesive labels, you are welcome to consult the editor online.If you like our products, please contact self-adhesive printing manufacturer.