Is thermal paper toxic?

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How to identify the quality of thermal paper?

Thermal paper produced by regular manufacturers is non-toxic when used under normal environment and temperature, but temperature changes will make it toxic. Please wash your hands immediately when you come into contact with thermal paper bills, do not use alcohol-containing cleaning liquid, and do not directly contact your mouth with your hands that have touched the bills, such as touching food and eating.

Thermal paper

Thermal paper is a kind of processed paper. Its manufacturing principle is to coat a layer of “thermal paint” (thermal discoloration layer) on high-quality base paper. Although there are more than ten kinds of chemicals used in this color changing layer, there are at least the following compounds: colorless dye, which has a wide variety, and the most commonly used is fluorescent compound.
Heat sensitive paper contains bisphenol A. although bisphenol A is not a hormone in the real sense, it has a hormone like effect and belongs to environmental estrogen. If it is taken in excess, it will interfere with the normal hormone function of the body, affect the development of the reproductive system, destroy the balance of the endocrine system, and lead to cancer in serious excess. If there is little exposure to bisphenol A, it is almost impossible to cause cancer.
Therefore, although the thermal paper produced by regular thermal paper manufacturers is non-toxic, the quality of the thermal label paper on the market at present is uneven, and there are more chemical components in the thermal paper. If necessary, you should still buy it from regular channels.

Thermal paper

Methods for distinguishing the quality of thermal paper
1. Appearance
If the paper is very white, it means that the protective coating and thermal coating of the paper are unreasonable, too much phosphor is added, and the better paper should be slightly green; If the paper finish is not high or looks uneven, the paper coating is uneven; If the paper seems to reflect strong light, it is also added with too much phosphor, and the quality is not good.
2. Fire roasting
Use a lighter to heat the back of the paper. If the color on the paper after heating is brown, it indicates that the thermal formula is not reasonable and the storage time of printed words may be relatively short; If the black part of the paper has fine stripes or uneven color patches, it means that the coating is uneven. The paper with better quality should be black green (with a little green) after heating, and the color patches should be uniform, and the color will gradually fade from the center to the surrounding.
3. Comparison and identification of sunlight exposure
Apply the printed paper with a fluorescent pen and put it in the sun (this can accelerate the reaction of the thermal coating to light). Which paper turns black fastest indicates the shorter the storage time.