PVC Labels Versus Thermal Labels – A Comparison of Two Label Materials

2023-05-06 Hits: 52 views

In the field of label making, PVC labels and thermal labels are two common materials. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different application scenarios. In this article, we will introduce the differences and characteristics of these two label materials to help you better choose the label that suits your needs.

1.PVC label
PVC label is a plastic product composed of raw materials such as polyvinyl chloride. Because of its high softness, good water resistance and strong wear resistance, it is widely used in many industries. PVC labels can be surface printed or raised embossed and can be anti-counterfeit if required.

a. Strong durability: PVC labels have good water resistance and abrasion resistance, and can maintain the integrity and readability of the label even in harsh environments.
b. Strong plasticity: PVC labels are very flexible and can be used on various curved surfaces and irregularly shaped objects.
c. Good anti-counterfeiting: PVC labels can be anti-counterfeiting to prevent products from being counterfeited and pirated.

a. Poor environmental protection: Harmful substances may be produced during the production process of PVC labels, which is not conducive to environmental protection.
b. Low safety: Since the PVC label contains chemical components such as chloride, it may affect human health.

2.Thermal label
A thermal label is a label material that can print text and graphics through heat conduction. It is usually used in barcode printing, label printing and other fields. Thermal labels can be printed on demand and require no additional consumables, so the cost is relatively low.

a. Low cost: Thermal labels do not require additional consumables, and can be printed directly by applying heat to the print head, so the cost is relatively low.
b. Easy to operate: The operation of the thermal label is very simple, just feed the label into the printer to complete the printing.
c. Good printing effect: The printing quality of thermal labels is very high, which can meet your various label printing needs and make your products more outstanding.

a. Poor durability: Since the material of the thermal label is relatively fragile, it is easy to be damp or fade.
b. Poor plasticity: Thermal labels have high hardness and are only suitable for flat objects, not curved or irregular objects.

In short, PVC labels and thermal labels have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the appropriate material should be selected according to the specific application scenario of the required label. If you need custom labels, we can provide custom design and printing services according to your needs. Please contact our customer service staff for more product details!